“Once upon a time, in a far, far, away Island there was a population divided between sadness and happiness. It was a huge island. One half had fertile fields, covered in flowers and green grass with good weather and happy people but, in the other half the weather was blue, it rained constantly, the fields were made of unfertile earth and it was rare when the sun appeared or when flowers were born, the people were miserable at best. The Happy People thought that it was a curse so fear and ignorance walked hand in hand when they decided to split the island in half creating separated proportional islands connect by two earth pieces, bridge shaped, that they could not destroy : on one island love, happiness and forgiveness created a gorgeous environment where people smiled, were civilized, desired life and, with this events, Jasmine (the flower that represent Sweet Love), small Oaks (the tree that symbolizes Strength) and, on the handrail, Ivy (the plant that defends Friendship) where born on the right bridge. The Happy People lived on that half were in peace. However, the other part of the island was possessed by sadness, despair, rage and inhumanity, creating a heavy and suicidal environment: people died every day, there was lack of food and human interaction was inexistent. The sadness took tons of human beings to end with their lives on the left bridge and, with that, Purple Hyacinth (that represents Sorrow), Anemone (that symbolizes the feeling of having been Forsaken) and Queen Anne’s Lace (that represents a Haven or Sanctuary) covered the bridge like a fog in a winter morning.

After the splitting, the curse rumors where gone but, for some reason no one from the Happy People decided to connect with other side. It was long until scientists took advantage of it to make “researches” and affirming rumors such as: “They are like that because of a disease.” or “You must not go to that side, the sadness is contagious”. For decades the citizens of this bipolar Island were separated: the Sad People never crossed the beautiful bridge, covered in gorgeous and colorful flowers neither their bridge since they were afraid of knowledge, happiness, things they had never felt; the Happy People didn’t touched on any of the bridges because one was “contagious” and their gorgeous bridge, even if it was walked on, it was never too much because they were afraid of the feeling of Sadness. As the time passed by, the Happy People forgot about the Sad People and vice-versa.

One day, a little boy got lost in the deep woods of the Happy Half. Soon enough he found several signals saying: “DANGER: Contagious place up ahead” and “TURN BACK NOW”. For the first time in his life he felt a cold shiver going down his spine, it was Fear. His mind kept on telling him to go back but his feet were moving on its own.

After a ten minute walk, the trees leaves started to fall dead on the floor and, soon the trees were naked and a sign of “Sad Half” appeared in front of his eyes. He saw a bridge made of dark and purple flowers with a few blank dots on the floor. The little boy started shaking in Fear but his heart was beating a hundred per hour, it was Anxiety along with Curiosity. He started walking on the bridge and, up close, the dots where nothing more than a couple of blank flowers. He kept on walking and soon enough, he found a man on the edge of the bridge, right on the border with his hands holding on the handrail. The amount of blank flowers increased, on that precise spot. If you closed your eyes, you could sense almost, spirits enlightening that place just like a spotlight.

“What are you doing Sir?” Said the little boy.

The man kept looking forward.

“Sir?” Asked the little boy while feeling a huge ache in his heart, he was Worried.

The man doesn’t react.

“Are you okay?” The little boy started thinking and soon he figured that the man was going to jump and die. That sensation was Fear, Impatient and the Despair of trying to help him but being impotent to do so.

The man was apathetic so, the little boy stepped on the flowers and grabbed his right hand.

“Sir!” The little boy screams.

The man turns his face and the little boy sees a male figure, weak, starving, thin as paper and, covered with the colors of Tragedy.

Tears start rolling down the little boy face and he felt Pain along with Sadness.

The man, felt guilty for making the little boy cry and when he was about to let himself go, although crying, the little boy started smiling. The man came out of the edge and took the little boy to the center of the bridge.

“I was so worried Sir! I thought you were going to die! Don’t you know it is dangerous?” The little boy was crying because he was feeling Relieved.

The man starts crying heavily and embraces the little boy.

“I am sorry child. I am terribly sorry.”

“Don’t waste your life like that! What would your friends be after you are gone!?”

“Friends? What are Friends?”

“No way… A friend is someone who stops you from doing something stupid. Just like what you were going to do now!”

“That makes you my friend?”


At that moment, the man started holding the little boy in his arms strongly and kept on crying. He screamed and, at the same time, a strong wind lifted up the flowers and plants from both bridges and intercalated them in the left and right bridge. The cloudy sky from the Sad Half was bathed with a Happy Sun and the feeling of Happiness for the first time, in the Happy Half people started crying, they started to feel Sadness.

It wasn’t long till the Sad People and Happy People started walking on both bridges. When they met, hugs and apologies along with tears of Relief and Regrets were shed.

The man looked to the ground of the bridge and found a beautiful white Coriander (flower that represents Hidden Worth).

From that day onwards, Sad People and Happy People lived and learned with each other, crying, laughing, regretting, loving but most of all, Accepting their differences.”

– What happened afterwards Grandpa? – She says Impatient.

– They lived happily ever after. Honey, it is bed time now. – I kiss my granddaughter in the forehead.

– Before you go, could you see if my Coriander is okay?

– It looks great. You’ve been taking a great care of it since I gave it to you darling. Good night, my sweet… – I leave the room. – sweet, sweet, Worth.

Beatriz Cassiano (11J)
April 2016