Rules 2nd Edition

2nd Camões Creative Writing Competition 2015-2016


The Escola Secundária de Camões promotes this school year (2015-2016) the 2nd Camões Creative Writing Competition. The overall theme is “Bridges”.

Article 1

The categories in the competition are Poetry and Fiction (short story, theatre play, fantasy tale, etc.).

Article 2

All students can participate.

Article 3

The entries must be original, unpublished, unaided and written in English.

Article 4

  • Poems cannot exceed 25 verses.
  • Fiction works cannot exceed 1500 words.
  • The title, if there is one, does not count towards these limits.
  • Make sure of the verse/word count. Entries exceeding the limits defined will be disqualified.
  • Entries must be somehow related to the overall theme “Bridges”.
  • Entries must be 1,5 spaced; font Calibri 11 or Arial 10.

Article 5

All entries must be delivered until February 29, 2016 at the latest. Late entries will not be accepted.

Article 6

  • Entries should be sent to the following email address:
  • In the Subject field, type “Camões Creative Writing Competition 2015-2016”.
  • In the message body, include the following information:
    • Name
    • Pseudonym used to sign the text (your entry)
    • Age
    • Class
    • Class number
    • Phone number
    • Category you are competing in
  • Attach your entry to the message. This should be a document with your text, signed with a pseudonym. Do not include any other information in the document that could identify you.

Article 7

Each participant can enter the competition with up to two entries in each category. Each entry should be signed with a different pseudonym and delivered in its own email message.

Article 8

  • The jury will consist of a panel of 2 teachers of ES Camões and an invited personality.
  • If there is a draw, the President of the Jury will have the final vote.

Article 9

  • The Jury will evaluate the entries received and award the prizes for each category – first, second and third places.
  • Prizes might not be awarded by the Jury if the entries do not possess the desired quality.
  • The Jury’s decision regarding the awards is final, without the possibility of an appeal.
  • The Jury reserves the right to publish the texts.
  • Photographs of the winners together with their names and ages may be used in publicity campaigns where the parents or guardians have given their consent.

Article 10

  • The prizes in each category will be the following*:
    • 1st prize – 75€ + Summer course at Cambridge School, Lisbon; books and certificate.
    • 2nd prize – 50€ + Trimester course at American School of Languages, Lisbon; books and certificate.
    • 3rd prize – 25€ + Books and certificate.
  • The Jury may decide to award honorable mentions to entries that do not win a prize.

*Monetary prizes courtesy of Junta de Freguesia de Arroios

Article 11

The awards will be announced and delivered at a school ceremony organized for the purpose on April 21, 2016.


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