Winners 2nd Edition


1st Prize | When you look at yourself in the mirror

DSC_1044When you look at yourself in the mirror…
Tell me, love, what do you see?
Darkness as bright as a black hole shines!
Come closer sweetie, I will shine for thee! (…)

Helena Fonseca (10B) Read full poem


2nd Prize | Proclamations of a vague happening

I heard myself whisperingDSC_1043
upon some grizzly night,
in which I caught such a fright,
I found the bridge to my heart shattering:

Once so have I
shared my disgust towards my doom,
never letting such bloom
in hopes of consuming the “I” (…)

Marta Sanches (11K) Read full poem


3rd Prize | Find your roots

DSC_1042Find your roots and find your place
Hey oh mate, don’t do that face!
Clap your hands: one, two, three,
Keep looking forward and sing with me!

Keep looking forward and sing with me!
Come to my boat, we’ll search the sea (…)

Helena Fonseca (10B) Read full poem



1st Prize | The great bridge between childhood and adulthood

DSC_1048She lay quietly on an old bridge,
One dressed by time with twigs and leaves, and memories of old.
Her legs were crossed, balancing beneath the running water, albeit never touching it directly — for the bridge nymphs couldn’t get to her, nor her mother’s reprimands had she ruined her sparkly new shoes.
Fish were swimming hurriedly, winds were blowing soundly, strawberries spurting slowly, birds humming gracefully. — I met her on a Spring afternoon (…)

Madalena Landeira (10K) Read full story


2nd Prize | Coriander

DSC_1047“Once upon a time, in a far, far, away Island there was a population divided between sadness and happiness. It was a huge island. One half had fertile fields, covered in flowers and green grass with good weather and happy people but, in the other half the weather was blue, it rained constantly, the fields were made of unfertile earth and it was rare when the sun appeared or when flowers were born, the people were miserable at best. The Happy People thought that it was a curse so fear and ignorance walked hand in hand when they decided to split the island in half creating separated proportional islands connect by two earth pieces, bridge shaped, that they could not destroy (…)

Beatriz Cassiano (11J) Read full story


3rd Prize | Strangers on a bridge

DSC_1045It was the most dazzling of sunsets. A magnificent explosion of a marvellous range of orange, some parts of it thick as blood, other bits as clear as the purest memory one can carry. It was a primary example of what the colour orange should be, with any other colour put beside that marvellous brightness falling into certain oblivion: it was a dazzling sunset.

She doesn’t quite recall how she got there. There was a sunset in her line of sight, which was something very entertaining to watch. From her point of view, it resembled one of those untouchable paintings you gaze at in a prestigious museum, where the desire to touch it is highly overwhelming (…)

Filipe Afonso (11K) Read full story