3rd Edition 2016-2017 #CCWC 2017

“Poetry is in everyday life”

Poetry is mostly an answer to a question that we didn’t know before we started writing (… ) If you pay attention to reality, you can feel the same thing. You are discovering the mystery of reality in everyday life in the same way that you can discover the mystery of the language.

Arturo Gutierrez-Plaza (Venezuelan poet)

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The Art of Poetry (1941)

By Mário Dionísio (1916–1993)

Translated by José Mota

Poetry is not in the immoral dark circled eyes of Ophelia
nor in the lilac garden.
Poetry is in life,
in the immense arteries full of people in every direction,
in the constant elevators,
in the traffic of fast cars in every color and shape,
in the factory machines and in the factory workers
and in the factory smoke.
Poetry is in the cry of the newspaper boy,
In the to and fro of millions of people chatting or cursing or laughing.
It’s in the laughter of the blond girl at the tobacco shop,
Selling a pack of cigarettes and a matchbox.
It’s in the lungs of steel cutting through space and sea.
Poetry is in the docks,
in the black arms of the coal loaders,
in the brief kiss exchanged between work and dinner
– which lasted that minute only.
Poetry is in everything that lives, in every movement,
in the train wheels rolling, rolling, rolling
towards lands farther and farther,
in the gloveless hands that reach out to touch veilless breasts,
in the anguish of life.
Poetry is in the struggle of men,
it’s in the eyes wide open for tomorrow.