In Celebration Of Existentialism

how lucky we are to have our existence
precede our essence.

— to be nothing but stardust
in a universe not designed or destined for us.

i am in control of my fate, my path.
i will be whomever i choose to be
with no end-goal in sight,
for there is no purpose in life
apart from that we choose to give to it.

i will find beauty in fallen leaves,
in first days, in first times, in the final
quiet moments of a late summer’s night.

i will hear the loud hurried thumping of feet
of passers-by down a cobblestone street.
the sound of chatter and pattering rain,
and learn that poetry lives in the mundane.

and i will relish when faced with all of this,
because even amidst the chaos and the abyss
i cannot find emptiness in anything:
i am greeted by beauty — (how can it exist?)

but most importantly,
i won’t have any mould to pour myself into.
no divine plan to abide to.
i will be what i please. i will do as i please.

just you wait and see.

Rita Cunha (12 B)

May 2017