Winners 3rd Edition


1st Prize| The Explorer’s Guide To Poetry (How & Where To Find It)

it sat on his lap quietly.
corners worn, pages wrinkled.
(his fingers held a tight grip on it, as if trying to keep it from escaping.
as if it had somewhere to go)

it’s on the lips of a particularly eloquent, snappy kid

who read books he pretended to understand
and saw films he pretended to enjoy
to impress people he wasn’t sure existed
(he liked to tell himself they did)

Madalena Landeira (11K) Read full poem

2nd Prize | In Celebration Of Existentialism

how lucky we are to have our existence
precede our essence.

– to be nothing but stardust
in a universe not designed or destined for us.

i am in control of my fate, my path.
i will be whomever i choose to be
with no end-goal in sight,
for there is no purpose in life
apart from that we choose to give to it.

Rita Cunha (12B) Read full poem

3rd Prize | Sailing The Wind

Thy eyes touch the sunny hill
– going ahead of the road we began –
where the wind lashes the mill
and the greyish clouds cover the sun.

See how beautiful is the fork in the road
where everything is made so clear.
There the rhymes have your fortune showed
and poetry tells how to dry that tear

Helena Fonseca (11B) Read full poem


1st Prize | At Home

I was born to believe that everything has a purpose. That fate is what we make of it, and that you can ruin your life in a matter of seconds. People often do not argue with me. So that makes me weird.

I like to create other people’s fate by creating their past.
I was on the train coming to school. I had my notebook and a pen in my hand.

I looked around. There was an old man standing with a nice smile looking at the window, imagining something.

Luisa Henriques (10K) Read full story

2nd Prize | The Undertaker’s Daughter

There’s a girl that comes home to find her father staring at a dead body.

She sighs (like always) and drops her bag in the corner of the room, standing on her tip toes to catch a glimpse of the body over her father’s shoulder, who’s stroking his chin – which is funny because he shaved that same morning – and gazing at the wall.

He kisses her on the crown of her head (like always) and resumes gazing at the corner of the room like there’s a portal there, transporting him to a parallel universe. That is a complete lie, of course, because she looks at that same spot every time and sees nothing but crappy wallpaper.

Tamara Pinto (10K) Read full story

3rd Prize | Winterlost

Do you remember? I don’t know if you do and how could I! You’re gone. But don’t worry I can still remember. Despite the efforts of Time it was never forgotten. Our home, a lifetime ahead, so many dreams… There are things that should never leave us. And then, there’s you.

Death entered my life and, without regard, she ripped a piece of me. Like a phantom limb I can still feel you. Some days I wake up thinking it was just a dream, but reality is much cruel. Was it your intervention, Fate? It must have been. At least that is what I’ll keep telling myself. It was Fate. What else could have been? What other reason are for you to have been taken from me? Yes, it was surely Fate.

João Silva Pestana (11B) Read full story